Bethany Retreat House Offerings


    Retreats at Bethany are for adults of all faiths who desire a silent environment for prayer and reflection. Bethany currently offers 9:00-to-5:00 (CT) daytime retreats.

    Stop the world for a day at Bethany! Enjoy having a day to yourself, uninterrupted for prayer and reflection. A private room gives you your own space in which to be alone. The meditation garden lets you be with God in nature, and the library offers reading and listening resources. An optional spiritual direction can be scheduled as part of your day away.

    Ongoing Spiritual Direction

    an ages-old Christian practice

    At Bethany you can meet with a professionally trained spiritual director, either during retreat or on an ongoing basis. Spiritual direction provides a listening ear and an encouraging presence from one who is attuned to the spiritual life. The spiritual direction relationship provides a safe and enlightened place in which to reflect on your life experience and prayer for support, encouragement, and help with discernment in living your spiritual life.

    Dream Groups

    Bethany Retreat House offers several monthly dream groups. Two people each session present a dream for the group to work with. The person who presents benefits from the group’s questions and reflections about the dream in an effort to explore the meaning of the dream for his or her life. The rest of the group members are enriched by hearing and working with dreams other than their own. Everyone in the group learns about dream work by doing it together.

    Regular and consistent participation in the group is important for the integrity of the group and for building the trust required for shared dream work.

    Click here to download the current BRH Dream Group brochure.

    Dreamwork Resources:

    Monthly Reflection Groups

    • Visitation Women’s Group...meets monthly to explore faith and spiritual issues together. The conversation each month springs from the current book being read by the group and from the life experience of the members.
    • Peer Supervision Group for Spiritual Directors...meets on the second Thursday of each month from 3-5 p.m. (CT). For trained spiritual directors, this group provides a place to reflect together on case material and on issues that arise in doing spiritual direction. The focus of the conversation is on the experience of the spiritual director in his or her work in an effort to be attentive to the invitations there for ongoing growth and development.


    The bookstore offers the opportunity to take home something to continue to nourish your spirit beyond retreat. It also is a rich source for meaningful gifts. The bookstore regularly stocks:

    • books on prayer, spirituality, journaling, loss and grief, dreamwork, self-help, creativity, etc.
    • CDs of meditation, liturgical music, and some inspirational talks
    • gift certificates for bookstore items or time at Bethany.


    The library provides resources for guests who come to Bethany for retreat and for monthly groups. Books may be used during retreat or borrowed for a month at a time. Those who come to Bethany for retreat, ongoing spiritual direction, or monthly reflection groups have borrowing privileges. Others may sign up for a library card for an annual ten-dollar borrowing fee.

    Suggested Reading Lists